Rebuilding locomotives for over 30 years

At RELCO we’ve been rebuilding locomotives for over 30 years. From partial reconditioning to complete out-of-frame remanufacturing with the latest aftermarket upgrades, our rebuilding services are second to none in the industry. RELCO is known for its superior quality and craftsmanship in rebuilding capabilities, delivered on time and within budget requirements.

The steps we take to remanufacture a locomotive include:

  • Completely disassemble the locomotive per the customer’s specification

  • Inspect, restore, or replace all of the components according to OEM specifications

  • Incorporate technological improvements and upgrades introduced since the locomotive was originally built

  • Provide complete documentation, including major system schematics, diagrams, and repair guides

  • Test for a full rated horse power output, and check all systems

  • Provide on-site commissioning and training of your personnel once the locomotive is shipped and delivered to you