At RELCO, not only do we produce switcher, GP, and SD locomotives, we also manufacture specialty locomotives and vehicles for your unique needs.

Mother Daughter Sets

A Mother Daughter Set is a conventional locomotive that sends its additional electricity to the daughter, which has traction motors, but not an engine. The purpose of the daughter is to increase the adhesive weight at lower speeds which allows for higher tractive effort. The Mother Daughter set also allows for the replacement of multiple units, which results in fuel savings and lower maintenance costs due to only having one engine to run. The single engine means lower emissions. We have built many Mother Daughter sets for our customers and if you have the need, we would like to build a set for you.

Maintenance of Way Machines

RELCO Manufactures many types of maintenance of way machines. A rotary snow plow is one example, which has large blades on the front that rotate and throw snow as it moves along the rail. We build these and can apply upgraded electrical control systems, improved roller bearings, and adding ergonomic cab features for increased comfort. With our extensive experience we know what it takes to make Rotary Snow Plows work reliably.



Provided courtesy of CP.