RELCO introduces the XD Locomotive, our Extreme Duty 4- or 6-axle diesel locomotive. If we were to describe this locomotive in one word, it would be: options. It can be ordered with either the EM2000 or QES III Control system, can be powered by either an EMD 645, 710, or ECO engine, turbo or roots blower, AC or DC traction systems, and ballasted to any weight needed. Tractive effort can be tailored to your needs.

Beyond those built-in safety features listed on the right, additional options such as HVAC, cameras at each end to monitor or verify the coupled/uncoupled status of the locomotive, and heated windshields with washer system to increase visibility under severe weather conditions can also be selected for increased crew safety and comfort.

When our XD locomotive is coupled to a slug unit, the tractive effort is almost doubled and fuel efficiency is improved by up to 50%, making this combination the most cost-effective motive power in the industry.

There are many safety features that are built in to the XD line, such as:

  • New crashworthy cab
  • External speaker system for the radio
  • Lower noise levels inside the cab
  • Non vertical stairs
  • Increased lighting
  • Extra-large windows for improved vision and added safety